My Filmmaking

Filmmaking is my passion, my end game – it’s the only thing I’ve ever envisioned for myself. When I began pre-production on my short film, Earrings, in 2012, I thought it’d be interesting to blog about its development. Similarly, after I finished my feature film, Wait, I thought it would be valuable to trace back and chronicle how I made it.

I really appreciate anyone who lands on this page and takes the time to watch my films. You can read about and watch the films here, or visit for a full scope of my work. Thanks for stopping by!

Full Circle (2008)
My first film. A no-budget, dialogue-free experiment of emotional expression I made in college.

A short film about a young woman unable to move past a tragedy she lived through some time ago.

WAIT (2016)
My first feature is a story about love. What it motivates us to do, and realizing when (and if) it is over.

A running list of every music video I’ve shot, and what I learned from each of them.


  1. Hi Alex, running through all of these at the moment- planning to maybe write about them since your blog has been such a huge inspiration over the years. Is there any way to access Ascent right now?

    1. Hey buddy! Thanks again for this comment, it means a lot to me. Excited to catch up over email!