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Top 10 Parent/Child Acting Combos
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Top 10 Performances by People Known for Another Profession
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Top 10 Al Pacino Rants
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Top 10 Scenes That Earn Brad Pitt a Career Pass
Top 15 Female Performances of 2012
Top 15 Male Performances of 2012


My 11 Favorite Cinematographers
Top 15 Underpraised Long Takes
Top 10 Films Shot by Their Directors
Top 10 Movies Directed by Cinematographers


  1. Make a top 10 films that won Oscars for Best Picture but not Best Director.

    1. Great idea. Look out for it soon.

    2. Argo, 12 Years a Slave, In the Heat of the Night, Gladiator, Chicago, THE GODFATHER, In the Heat of the Night, All the King's Men, Rebecca, The Life of Emile Zola, Cimarron, The Broadway Melody, The Wings are films that won Oscars for Best Picture but not Best Director.

  2. A Star Wars Franchise Breakdown could be great.

    1. Oh boy, not for fans of the franchise...

    2. Why? I don't think no fan is gonna be mad if you say something bad about Star Wars. I think it copy 2001 and Hidden Forest.

      A New Hope A;
      The Empire Strikes Back +A;
      Return of the Jedi +B;
      The Phantom Menace -C;
      Attack of the Clones +C;
      Revenge of the Sith -B;
      The Clone Wars F

    3. Well, in short, I have nothing to add to the Star Wars conversation. I'm either completely indifferent toward the films, or I just flat out don't like them. Either way, the world can do without one more apathetic Star Wars review, you know?

  3. As to bad is good movie list?
    Personal my to bad is good movie is The Room. "Johnny wake up" :)

    1. Oh you mean like a "So Bad It's Good" list of movies? Guilty pleasure ones? I've done a few like that.

      Here's my Top 10 Perfectly Trashy Action Flicks list, and my Top 10 Films People Are Surprised I Love list . I LOVE movies like this!

  4. Which IS the best film of 1999? (top 10 list)

    1. What a great, great year for film. That's a post worth writing.

    2. Oh shit, sorry, I forgot about this. I agree that's a post worth writing, but I never wanted to get bogged down my a bunch of specific year lists, you know? But here's a go at it:

      15. South Park
      14. The Straight Story
      13. The Sixth Sense
      12. Fight Club
      11. Audition
      10. All About My Mother
      9. The Blair Witch Project
      8. The Limey
      7. American Beauty
      6. The Hurricane
      5. The Insider
      4. Three Kings
      3. Being John Malkovich
      2. Magnolia
      1. Eyes Wide Shut

    3. I <3 South Park. The film made me love the tv serie.

    4. But Any Given Sunday? You gave it an A.
      Bringing out the Dead, Sweet and Lowdown, Sleepy Hollow are pretty good but are more like B or B+.

    5. All really solid flicks, LOVE Any Given Sunday.

    6. Cant understand any of the love for being John Malcovich. Love the actor, the film was pure garbage- at least to me. (Bar that one scene. You know. Hopefully anyways)

      Then again Im normally one to hate movies EVERYONE else adores eh? ;P

    7. I mean, Jonze doesn't make easy movies, right? I can understand why people don't dig them.

    8. I wasn't so sure if I'd like Eyes Wide Shut but now I know that definitely it is the best film of 1999.

    9. Gets better every time I watch it. Love that film.

  5. Looking forward to a best of 90s list!

    1. I've always been tempted to do all the decades. Maybe I finally will next year! Though spoiler alert, Pulp Fiction will definitely by #1 for the '90s.

    2. I bet that Goodfellas will be in it?

  6. I'd have Pulpfiction, Goodfellas,Shawshank, Fargo,Seven, Heat, Saving Private Ryan, Dazed and Confused, Reservoir Dogs and Boogie Nights. I have a thing for nice,ensemble casts

    1. Great list there. Pulp, The Thin Red Line and Goodfellas are my top 3, for sure.

    2. Pulp Fiction, The Thin Red Line, GoodFellas, Leaving Las Vegas, Boyz N’ The Hood, Eyes Wide Shut, Magnolia, Sling Blade, Se7en, Three Colors: Blue.

    3. Uhh, I think I posted that exact list somewhere a little bit ago (maybe Movie Mezzanine...?). Like, same films and same order and everything. Weird.

    4. what would your top 10 of the 70s be? Mine are:
      Godfather 2
      One flew over the cuckoos nest
      The French Connection
      Taxi Driver
      A Clockwork Orange
      Appocalypse Now

    5. Taxi Driver is definitely number one. Cries and Whispers would be two. Three Deliverance. I promise I will do all my Best Of decade lists soon!

  7. Can you do 10 best slashers if interested?

    1. Ohh that's a good idea. Just rewatched Scream 1-2. Love those films!

    2. Hey guy why don't you make a list of your favorite movies of each year being then nominated or not for Best Picture?

    3. You lost me. Do a list of a my favorite movies of every year?

    4. Yes, just like this, an expansion of the yearly lists

    5. I really do need to do that. But I think I'll start with Best Of decade posts. Year by year would be a HUGE undertaking.

  8. Yes, an epic and titanic project indeed. Who knows, one day you have your own personal version of the Academy Awards?! I'm halfway through mine! Maybe I could send ya if you're interested! I guarantee you it's a hell lot of fun to do it!

  9. You do Top 10, you make profiles for MANY directors, you list performances, you talk about cinematography, you do awards lists, you make top ten of the year. Seriously you are priceless. Now I have a request. Talk more about music. Write about your favorite composers (John Williams, Danny Elfman), more about movie scores and your feelings about them, about your favorite songs from films. The score maybe one of my favorite things about films. Hope that I don't ask for too much.

    1. No no, not asking too much at all. That's actually a really good idea. I'll start thinking about some score-related lists I can get working on. Thanks for the recommendation!

  10. Special request: Make a Top 5 Michael Fassbender Performances and a Top 5 Marion Cotillard Performances before Macbeth gets release.

    1. Now THAT is a fucking great idea. I love it. Will definitely be doing this.

  11. Make a list of top 10 greatest actors of all time.

    1. So tough. I did lists a while back of my favorite performances of all time. Maybe you'd dig those?

  12. Since you've said that sci fi and musicals are your least favorite genres of movie, it would be interesting to see a list of what your favorite movies of those genres are.

    1. Really groovy idea. It's funny, because one of my Top 5 films is sci-fi (2001), and my favorite film from 2016 was La La Land. It would be fun to make those lists!

  13. How do you feel about Alternate/Extended/Director's Cuts and what, in your opinion are the best?

    1. So funny you mention that... I've been working on a few lists pertaining Director's Cuts for a while now. Need to zero in and get those done - I have a lot of thoughts on them!