Monday, July 21, 2008


Wanted is everything that its target audience is going to… want. It isn’t smart, it isn’t clever, the acting isn’t Oscar-worthy, but it is a balls-out, action farce that is sure to entertain.

James McAvoy (perfect in Atonement) plays a droll office worker living a droll life with a cheating girl and so on. He drinks energy drinks for breakfast and is prescribed pills for his anxiety.

Soon, McAvoy’s Wesley is recruited by an elite, super-assassin squad known as the Fraternity. Fox (a steely sexy Angelina Jolie) is Wesley’s trainer into this dark underworld, led by Sloan (Morgan Freeman). You see, Sloan is the only person who can decipher a piece of cloth and find the name of a person that they need to kill. Get it? Didn’t think so, but director Timur Bekmambetov isn’t really concerning himself with a coherent plot.

Instead he offers us as much blood-splattered violence as any fanboy could possible desire. The members of the Fraternity, jump onto moving trains, curve bullets, fall hundreds of feet and survive, get the shit beat out of them dozens of times over, etc etc.

The film tries to take a third act twist that mostly falters. But oh well, hopefully you came for the action and not the plot. In any case, Wanted isn’t hardly desired. C-

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