Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Wolfman

“I didn’t know you hunted monsters…”

“Sometimes monsters hunt you.”

So, maybe if I put this quote into context with the film, you’ll understand it better. Not a chance. This complete mashed up, twisted around, fuckup of a monster flick is DOA. Not even the likes of the very very talented Benico Del Toro, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving, can save it.

This wasn’t a surprise. As is often the case, Hollywood films that slug through numerous rewrites, reshoots, recasts, reedits, delays, etc, hardly ever turn out good. You gotta love how the big SHOCKER finale is supposed to be a surprise. To who? The stoned dude in the back of the theatre? The couple that had one too many drinks with dinner?

For anyone bothering to pay any shred of attention you’ll find that the surprises don’t surprise, the shocks don’t shock and the fancy makeup certainly can’t cancel this mess of a movie. D-


  1. Is it weird that your review made me want to go see it?

  2. No, go cold into the dark night. Be armed with a pistol and a bottle of scotch.

  3. one to lighten the pain and one to finally end it all?

  4. man not worth the hour i put into this at all. i hate you.

  5. i tried to warn you... needed that pistol