Friday, September 17, 2021

Favorite A24 Films

When I started podcasting in July 2020, I promised myself that I wouldn’t let this blog fall off. But it only took me a few weeks to learn that podcasting and blogging with equal weight is not something I can sustain. 

The main downside to this is that I’m not regularly talking to the many amazing people I’ve met on this blog. People whose movie opinions I highly respect. 

The only advantage to not blogging is that I don’t have to wrestle with Blogger’s hilariously poor interface. What happened to this platform? The HTML has a mind of its own, and the process for posting pictures takes hours. (No joke, it took me longer to post this article than it did to write and research it. No fun.) 

In an effort to blend my movie communities together, I’m going to post podcast episodes on the blog every once in a while. 

The film studio, A24, began distributing movies in early 2013, and quickly announced themselves as one of the premiere movie studios supporting independent film. In 2016, they began producing their own movies, which lead to a shocking Best Picture victory. 

We all have our favorite A24 films – the mind-bending horror films, the politically incorrect comedies, the brutal dramas, the trippy shit words can’t explain – and in this episode, we list our 10 favorite each. 

My podcast, What Are You Watching, is on all major platforms, and my co-host Nick and I are always on Twitter @WAYW_Podcast.

I hope everyone is doing well! Thank you so much for listening, and happy watching!


  1. I was wondering why there hadn't been any new posts as I can see you've been busy with your podcast as I admit I haven't been listening to it as much as I want to as I've been busy with watching films (whenever I have the time) and dealing with my 2-year old nephew and 6-month old niece. Still, I'm glad you're active as there's plenty of A24 films that I want to see as I'm trying to catch up. I'm just glad you're still active and I will try to create a post on A24 films soon.

  2. WordPress, which I used to really love, has made it nearly impossible for me to continue my blog, which is highly disappointing. There used to be a classic version I could use, but now that has gone away.

    One idea for blog posts, could be a link to the podcast (which I love!), and then maybe use the blog as a place to post the lists or movies covered? It would be nice to have as a reference going forward.