Monday, March 9, 2009

Wendy and Lucy

For most of us, this 80-minute hidden indie wonder fell through the multiplex cracks before we got a chance to see it. You may’ve heard in passing that Michelle Williams was great in that “weird looking movie about a dog”, and you would’ve heard right.

Wendy and Lucy is a quiet, deliberately paced film about a desperate woman in desperate times. Wendy’s stuck in Oregon on a long journey to Alaska. Her car’s broken down, her funds are nearly depleted and her dog, Lucy, is hungry. She slowly watches as her life essentials begin to slip from under her.

Without going into details, this moving, hypnotic little film grabs you right away. In a lesser year, Williams would’ve gotten an Oscar nomination. To prepare for the role, Williams slept in her car for days, didn’t bathe for a week, and void herself of any makeup during the shoot. The method paid off, as this is some of the best acting she’s ever done. She’s totally convincing and completely engrossing.

Some people will be off-put by the HD hand-held look of the film. But it doesn’t just look gritty, it feels gritty. Besides… it’s only 80 minutes. Catch it on DVD. A-

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