Sunday, May 3, 2009


From the technical and visually stunning wizardry that brought you the acclaimed TV show Planet Earth, comes a new documentary about, you guessed it, our very place of inhabitance.

The movie doesn’t really follow a cohesive narrative per se, but instead presents us with a slew of arresting images to fill the frame. Focusing mostly on the different animals of each continent and how they deal with passing seasons, the film is probably exactly what you’d expect. Having said that, there ain’t much here to talk about.

In fact, without the booming voice of James Earl Jones as our narrator, you may have found yourself dozing off in your seat. But the kids will like it (it’s rated G- no mating, no killing), and some of the images are utterly breathtaking.

Is it bad that the most interesting part about the movie is a few behind the scenes clips that play over the closing credits? I know that whole point of the film is to appreciate and respect nature. But it’s just too damn amusing to watch two guys get stuck in a tree via a hot air balloon hazard. B

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