Friday, September 18, 2009

Jennifer's Body

Jennifer’s Body will likely make a nice chunk of change it’s first weekend.  The dudes will go to get a glimpse of Megan Fox, and the gals will go to see some feminism empowerment (well, maybe).  But after this first weekend, believe you me, the film’s numbers will tank.

Why?  Because it sucks.

Don’t blame Fox (she’s not that bad), and definitely not Amanda Seyfried (Big Love, Mean Girls), they do good work.  Blame the silly, pointless, meandering script by Diablo Cody (who won an Oscar for writing Juno).  The film doesn’t make much sense, and when it seldom does, you won’t care enough to stay involved.  Director Karyn Kusama, who made the great Girlfight in 2000, seems to enjoy the hyperbolic metaphor of it all: the hot man eater actually is… a… man eater.  But the rest of us don’t feel “in” on the joke.

Jennifer Check, a clichéd high school hottie turns into a demon via the lamest demonic takeover I’ve ever seen.  She roams around school, flaunting her shit when she’s well fed, and preying on men when she starts to become physically weak.  Her best friend, Needy is the first and only one to figure it out, which eventually lands her in an insane asylum (really?).

You might enjoy this movie if a.) you like Cody’s smartass writing (which I often feel is too smart for its own good), or b.) you want to see some Fox-y skin.  Let me help the horny jerkoffs: you don’t see nothin’.  So basically, stay away.  I’d rather you see Sorority Row.  D

(Note: Okay, I just finished reading Roger Ebert's review of the film.  His last sentence says: "It's not art, it's not Juno, it's not Girlfight, for that matter, but as a movie about a flesh-eating cheerleader, it's better than it has to be."  Yes, I suppose that's fair.)

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  1. I can't stomach another Diablo Cody movie after Juno so I won't be seeing this.