Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This Week in Why Bother: New Footloose Trailer

“This Week in Why Bother” is an ongoing series in which I question why Hollywood is doing what it is doing, and explain why you need not bother with it.

Moments ago, the trailer for the new Footloose movie went viral and opinions are thus far in synch: what the hell is this?

The original Footloose is a campy masterpiece. It’s got forced acting, cheesy musical numbers, a bitchin’ soundtrack, classic dialogue and heavy-handed dramatics; which all work perfectly as a 107 minute ball of cheese.

Looking at the new Footloose trailer, we can deduce that this new Ren (played by Kenny Wormald, whose other credits of prestige include You Got Served and Center Stage: Turn It Up) talks with a God-awful Boston accent (actually, to be honest, I'm quite sure where that accent alleges to be from), dresses exactly the same as Kevin Bacon did (which should really help with the film’s 2011 setting), and will most likely spend the majority of the film wearing sunglasses and pursing his lips in disdain.

What else? Crunk music (but…why?), Dennis Quaid in dire constipation, some shlub standing in for Chris Penn, awful special effects (but… why?), a lame caricature of an uncle; it all amounts to something grossly unnecessary, which is a shame, given that the film’s director, Craig Brewer, made the great Hustle & Flow six years ago.

I’m not one to call my shots, but being a great admirer of bashing all things Transformers, I was fully prepared to call the upcoming Transformers flick the worst movie of the year. After watching the Footloose trailer, I think I’ll cut the fighting robots some slack.


  1. appalling. no one can top the Bacon. Love the new look of the site!

  2. Thanks! It was time for a change, I want to start embedding trailers from youtube, so the site needed a design boost.

    But yeah, in regards to this new Footloose...awful, just awful.

  3. OMG! YES....That is exactly what I was thinking. How in the world can you remake this movie. It is quite possibly one of he best movies of all time. There is no replacement for Kevin Bacon. I refuse to see the new film. It is so, so wrong.

  4. Ugh, now we're less than a week away before it's released. Definitely NOT looking forward to this one.