Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stop Complaining About the Dark Knight Rises Teaser

When The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer (finally) arrived online a few days ago (yes, those of us who refused to see Harry Potter 7.2 had to wait), the blogosphere went into a battling frenzy of comic book boy wetdreams vs. analytical fans.

People, people, this is a teaser.  It’s meant to, you know, tease and allure you.  Not that this final installment of Christopher Nolan’s disarming Batman trilogy needs any help, but still.

And if people aren’t bitching, then they’re scrutinizing.  MTV, Entertainment Weekly, and countless blogs are taking the time to analyze every frame of the teaser.  That’s a lot of work for something that lasts roughly a minute and a half.

Sure, the teaser for Batman Begins showed a little more than its successors, because the filmmakers were actually trying to convince people that their comic book movie was going to be different.  It was, which explains why The Dark Knight teaser was so ominous, and showed virtually nothing.

In short, let’s all just hold our horses and not get all wound up over a messily trailer.  We’ve got a year to go, people.

Batman Begins teaser:

The Dark Knight teaser:

The Dark Knight Rises teaser:


  1. I liked the teaser. The fact that Batman looks sort of overwhelmed and a little hesitant when Bane is coming at him at the end is pretty awesome/ominous.

  2. I love that too, like a fighter bucking up before the first round.

  3. I just watched it again - looks like someone is in the background at the end with a gun trained on Bats (or Bane)...?

  4. Whoa nice catch. Hopefully it'll be an epic fight, too many of these comic book movies seriously cop out during the final showdown.

  5. Yeah I really like the end where Bane is walking towards Batman too, Hardy looks huge.

  6. I cannot say this enough: "Bronson"

    Hardy is a straight beast in that movie. He's like Eric Bana in "Chopper" although not quite as badass.

    "Bronson" is currently on Netflix Instant.

  7. Haters gonna hate. Of course Nolan has nothing to do with putting the teaser together and they can only use the scenes that have already been filmed, but that's not going to stop people from finding something to complain about. I thought it looked decent, but it didn't provide nearly enough material to know for sure.

  8. I'd be interested to know which directors chose (or are allowed) to cut their own trailers. I know Paul Thomas Anderson and Tarantino do...