Monday, September 3, 2012

15 Movies I’m Looking Forward to This Fall

This fall is shaping up to be as excellent as last year’s. Some seriously heavy hitters have flicks in the can that are circling the festival circuit, while others are saving their Oscar-friendly bait for the months ahead. Either way, I think we have some glorious movie months before us.

As a means of accompanying my previous post of the best that 2012 has offered so far, here’s what I’m most looking forward to from now until year’s end. Release dates are based on U.S. limited engagements. Enjoy!

The Master – Sept. 14
Because it’s Paul Thomas Anderson. And Philip Seymour Hoffman. These two could make a movie about a guy fixing a giant office printer, and I’d be the first in line. Cannot wait.

Argo – Oct. 12
Because Ben Affleck, director, has yet to let me down. And with a killer cast and excellent festival reviews, it’s impossible to deny this film’s potential greatness.

Seven Psychopaths – Oct. 12
Because it looks like so much goddamn fun.

Holy Motors – Oct. 17
Because it’s said to be batshit nuts and wholly engaging. And a few bloggers I trust have hailed it as a classic. That’s enough for me.

Killing Them Softly – Oct. 19
Because its trailer looks as humorously badass as I had envisioned. And recently, Pitt has proven that he can’t miss. I dig.

Lincoln – Nov. 9
Because it’s Daniel Day-Lewis, playing Lincoln, via Spielberg. I mean… right?

Anna Karenina – Nov. 16
Because Pride & Prejudice and Atonement are two films that, on paper, could not interest me less. I loved them both, and I’m choosing to believe director Joe Wright and star Keira Knightley are going to hit again.

Rust & Bone – Nov. 16
Because it’s Marion, flexing heavy dramatics. Sold. (Also, M83!)

Life of Pi – Nov. 21
Because, to me, it looks like it’s tittering on the edge of brilliant and idiotic. I like the risk involved here.

Silver Linings Playbook – Nov. 21
Because it could be the sleeper dramedy of the season. But it could also be crap. Hmm.

Amour – Dec. 21
Because it’s a Palme d’Or winner from Michael Haneke, a certified genius who just happened to choose filmmaking as his profession.

Zero Dark Thirty – Dec. 21
Because, after The Hurt Locker (and its complete lack of political ideology), I’d follow Kathryn Bigelow anywhere. Arguably the trickiest film of the year.

Django Unchained – Dec. 25
Because it’s Quentin Fucking Tarantino. Duh.

Passion – release date TBD
Because it’s Brian De Palma in a return to form via an expertly made French thriller. And with leading ladies like that…

To the Wonder – release date TBD
Because we should be so lucky to have Terrence Malick release two films in consecutive years. I’d follow this man into hell. (But, will a studio pick it up in time for a 2012 release?)

And 20 more, for good measure:
Arbitrage – Sept. 21

Trouble With the Curve – Sept. 21

Looper – Sept. 28

The House I Live In – Oct. 5

The Paperboy – Oct. 5

Wuthering Heights – Oct. 5

Nobody Walks – Oct. 12

Smashed – Oct. 12

Cloud Atlas – Oct. 26

The Sessions – Oct. 26

Flight – Nov. 2

This Must Be the Place – Nov. 2

Skyfall – Nov. 9

Hyde Park on Hudson – Dec. 7

This is 40 – Dec. 21

The Impossible – Dec. 21

On the Road – Dec. 21

Not Fade Away – Dec. 21

Promised Land – Dec. 23

West of Memphis – Dec. 25


  1. My #1 is Django Unchained. For the very same reason you put and also cuz Leo is paying a baddie.

    Then there is Seven Psychopaths, The Master, The Hobbit (I know you hate them but Freeman Fangirl here), and Skyfall. And that's just my top 5. Though I know it'll be well into the next year that I would have finished watching all of them :/

    1. Ah, I can't wait for Django. I think that is going to be QT flexing his inner most geek. Definitely want to see the three others you mentioned, but, yeah, I'll do without The Hobbit haha.

  2. You've got pretty much all the big ones I'm expecting, except for Sightseers (Kill List was one of last year's best movies, certainly it's best horror film, and Ben Wheatley's got comedy cred from working on the BBC's Ideal) and The Man With The Iron Fists (I just love the RZA. This will be sure to have a dope soundtrack - all kinds of new Wu-Tang - and Tarantino and Jarmusch are his filmmaking mentors. I reckon this'll be awesome in an OTT way.) Then there's To Rome With Love, which comes out here later this month. Hopefully I hate it less than you!

    Everything I read about The Master just makes me more pumped for it, even the bad (well, slightly less great) reviews as great art is divisive by nature.

    1. Sightseers does sound interesting, I'll have to be on the lookout for that one. I saw the Man with the Iron Fists trailer yesterday and was like, What the fuck is this? Don't get me wrong, it looked nuts, but awesome nuts. RZA, director. Who knew?

  3. Um...Where is Les Miserables?

    1. Don't have the slightest interest in seeing it. I will, because I (try to) see damn near everything, but it ain't my bag.

  4. That's a lot of movies. I want to see pretty much all of these. The fall is my summer film season. I just hope to have some cash around me. And I'm waiting for To the Wonder to get released sometime late this year or early next year. I don't care what the reviews said in Venice though I will maintain low expectations.

    1. Yeah man, there is a lot of cash to be spent here. Small goddamn fortune. Ah, such is the life we lead.

      Can't wait for To the Wonder; this year, next year. Doesn't matter.

  5. My #1 is Seven Psychopaths, with Les Mis and The Master just behind it. But I want to see every film on here, so it really doesn't matter much. ;)

    1. Ha, I know right? So many solid flicks coming our way.

  6. You've definitely hit all the right points. Here was my choices, but I have a lot more I want to include:

  7. VERY curious about the first two on your list. Glad to see Joaquin Phoenix back with a bang, hopefully some noms for him come award season. Ben Affleck seems to be very good in front of the camera when he's also behind the camera.

    1. I'm really excited/curious for those too. I think The Master will kill. Can't wait for it.

  8. Really great picks. The Master (o fucking exited this is playing in 70mm near me), Django Unchained, Seven Psychopaths, Holy Motors, Looper and Amour are my most anticipated. The ones I'm skeptical about are Life of Pi and Lincoln, both have the potential to be great or just shit if they get to sentimental (please don't fuck up a movie with Day Lewis as Lincoln Spielberg). I'm also looking forward to The Hobbit mainly because I like the book way better than the lord of the rings (if you hate the movies please please do not read the books, youll want to blow your brains out).

    1. Dude, I'm soooo pumped The Master is playing in 70MM near me. Thing is, the theater itself isn't that great. Kind of a small indie theater, so I feel like the 70MM will be slightly lost. (sigh) oh well!

      Sounds like we're more or less in complete agreement for this fall's crop of flicks. And ha, you couldn't pay me to read the LOTR books.

  9. Definitely looking forward to a lot of the fall movies. Especially Argo, Django Unchained and Killing Them Softly. (Also Dredd and End Of Watch should be solid action flicks.)

    1. I'm curious about End of Watch, it looks a lot like Chronicle in that it will use (and abandon) the found footage schtick as it pleases. We shall see!

  10. Hmm, never heard of Nobody Walks, looks interesting.

    I swear, all you have to do is put some M83 music in a trailer and its an instant must-see, haha. Seriously, if they use them for a Twilight trailer I might be brainwashed into seeing it.

    1. Ha shit, ain't that the truth. I love his music so much, I think I'd see any film that featured it. (Yes, including a Britney Spears documentary... sigh)

  11. That's a lot of movies Alex ! But yeah, even I am waiting for them all.
    I think you are right about Life of Pi - it will be huge hit or miss but the thing is I didn't care much for the book. It can be a visual delight but with that content I doubt if it will impress me. Otherwise Great list(I will include Hobbit off course).

    I will keep an eye out for some of the indies I didn't know about.

    1. I know dude, almost too many flicks haha. Lot going on this fall, can't wait. I'm really curious to see what (if any) tiny indies sneak up and blow us all away.

  12. Great list, I want to see almost everything. The only I am pretty meah about is Lincoln, but I will see it, anyway.
    I am really excited for Master, Django Unchained, Argo, Life of Pi, Amour, Hyde Park on Hudson and more.
    I saw Holy Motors (batshit crazy, but very intriguing- I have a feeling you will like it), Rust & Bone (good movie, great MC performance, but overall not as good as everyone says it is), Anna Karenina (loved it, Joe Wright did it again- if you liked Atonement, you will like this one, too).
    I have a bad feeling about Zero Dark Thirty, it doesn't look that good, but I guess I will give it a shot!

    1. Thanks for all the early, brief reviews! More excited than ever for those flicks. We're gonna have a killer fall.

      Also, I'm kind of meh about Lincoln as well. Holding out for the amazing cast though.

  13. You have done your homework, Withrow! You found some titles that werent even listed in the EW Fall Preview (my sole reference when compiling my list). I'd totally add Passion (it's fucking DePalma!), Holy Motors, Impossible, Promised Land - all sound great. Damn, it IS gonna be a helluva season.

    1. Thanks dude! I used to use EW's guide as a reference, but I just really don't care for that magazine anymore. Aaanyway, it's gonna be a damn fine fall. Damn fine indeed.