Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Book of Eli

You’ve seen this kind of movie before. The kind that barely gets by with a shred of plot, relying on special effects and overacting to fill the seats. The kind that - to try and make up for the rest of the boring film - throws in a hail mary ending. An ending that either makes the movie (hmm, that is interesting) or completely ruins it (hmm, that is total bullshit).

Take a wild guess which category The Book of Eli falls under? Seriously, what’s with American cinema’s recent fetish of making barren end-of-the-world flicks? Looking at parts of The Road, 2012 and now this, I’m starting to think the Hollywood suits need some new ideas.

People looking to escape Oscar-heavy movies, may very well scurry to this faux-action trash. Which puts Denzel Washington (watch it dude, your career is slowly losing credibility a la Nicolas Cage), on Earth 30 years after a “storm” wiped everything out.

He’s heading “west” to take a precious book… where? West? What the hell is that? Some small-town baddie (Gary Oldman) wants the book for himself so he can become a God-like figure, having everyone bow at his feet. (PS, why are a lot of the main villains in films today skinny little pussies? I love me some Gary Oldman, but the dude is not physically intimidating.)

Oh and that ending? Pretty cool until you put roughly 13 seconds of thought into it. Moving on. D

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