Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Remember Me

I’m ashamed to admit that I actually gave this movie a chance. I forced myself to see it due to its hyped denouement, and I wasn’t expecting… anything, but I actually liked some of the early scenes.

Let me clarify. The editing and cinematography were initially crafty before become annoyingly overused. But the performances from nearly every actor, the dialogue, and the over direction fell flat from the beginning.

You know the plot: two young lovers (Robert Pattinson, from those awful vampire movies, and Lost’s Emilie da Ravin), both with death-in-the-family backgrounds, meet and forge an intense, not-at-all believable romance. Snore.

For one, the movie doesn’t even bother to explain its many subplots. Pattinson’s little sister gets picked on at school, yeah… and? Ravin’s dad (a bored Chris Cooper) has too much to drink and violently lashes out one night, yeah… and? Pattinson’s dad (Pierce Brosnan, the film’s only remotely redeemable quality) is a colossal-sized prick, yeah… and?

I imagine anyone with an average IQ will be able to “predict” the “twist” ending. An ending that offended me in ways I didn’t initially realize. Where does director Allen Coulter (who did good work with The Sopranos) get off? What warrants his cheesy ass romance with an ending of such monumental proportions? This is blatant exploitation of an American tragedy. And it pisses me off. Before its final moments, I was considering a D+, but this is the easiest F I’ve ever given.

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