Monday, November 29, 2010


If Ed Wood, the revered best worst director of all time, was alive today, he would have killed for a chance to direct Skyline.  The plot of the movie sounds like its right out of one on Wood’s ‘50s sci-fi romps.

A slew of cardboard cutout characters (the rich dude, the hot chick, the nice guy, the douche bag, the innocent girl, the tough guy) find themselves trapped in a swanky LA apartment due to the fact that aliens are taking over the City of Angels.  The kicker?  The aliens feed on human brains.  Oh brother.

The makers of this idiotic film, who obnoxiously refer to themselves as “The Brothers Strause” are priding themselves on the fact that they shot this movie independently for cheap, then sold it to a studio who added the “fancy” special effects in post production.  I respect that, I really do. That method of independent financing is how most of my favorite movies are currently made. 

One question: how the fuck does an unfinished movie like Skyline, with virtually zero digital effects, find itself purchased by a major studio when every year, dozens of fantastic films at Sundance that never make it out of Park City?

The answer: money.  As in, the producers thought Skyline would make some.  Oops.  F

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