Saturday, December 25, 2010

TRON: Legacy

Most of the fathers I know love taking their kids to kid’s movies at the theatre.  Why?  Because the kids sit still while the dads nap.

My boss summed up a movie like TRON: Legacy best.  He explained to me that a movie like TRON wasn’t for someone with my tastes.  Gee, really?  The sole purpose of TRON, he said, was to keep annoying little brats (like his sons) entertained and quiet.  “You can’t imagine how blissful it is to have your four year old sit still and shut the hell up for a couple hours,” he told me.

On that criterion, I suppose TRON is useful.  For adult men at least.  But what about everyone else?  Male teenagers should enjoy this special effects wetdream, which could be dubbed the year’s movie that is Most Likely To Induce a Seizure. 

In TRON, a grown boy manages to enter the virtual world that his father (Jeff Bridges) created two decades ago.  How?  I have no idea.  Maybe if I saw the cult original things would be clearer.  But I haven’t, so they aren’t.

So here’s the skinny, while I hadn’t a clue what the hell was going on throughout the entire film, or was able to decipher a whole sentence of TRON lingo, I did appreciate the look of the alternate world that first time director Joseph Kosinski and his FX crew had created. 

But might I make a suggestion?  If you choose to see TRON: Legacy (and who’s blaming you, given the never ending piles of shit currently littering our theatres) then skip the 3D, which is unnoticeable and useless.  At least this movie had the balls to admit, via an opening title card, that most of its scenes were going to take place in 2D.

This 3D phase is serious bullshit.  Honestly, how many live action films have you seen in the past two years that have successful pulled off genuine 3D effects?  One.  It’s called Avatar. 

So, Dads, see TRON to entertain the kids and nap off.  Everyone else… Godspeed.  D

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  1. i hope to God you did not spend money to see it.