Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Week of Mamet

Never in the history of And So it Begins have I written about future articles that are to come, but this being a special occasion, it seems all the more fitting.

The feedback I received from my post on 101 Things theMovies Have Taught Me was gracious to say the least. Many of my readers were steadfast with their admiration, and several even drafted similar lists of their own (which were amazing to read). But one reader in particular seemed especially enthused by the several David Mamet references in the article. He posted a few comments, I posted back, and what developed was a mutual friendship based on our love of the written word, as penned by David Mamet.

So, starting tomorrow, with the help of Colin Harris from Pick ‘n’ Mix Flix, I’m dedicating And So it Begins to the film work of David Mamet. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I think it will be a complete blast. Expect many references to sharp, lacerating dialogue, many profanity-laden quotes, and many many sentences containing the names Macy and Mantegna.

Here’s my schedule for The Week of Mamet. Happy reading, you marvelous sons of bitches.

Monday March 19
the Directors: David Mamet
Brief write-ups of every film Mamet has written, directed, and written & directed.

Tuesday March 20
My Favorite Scene: House of Games
Not the flashiest scene from the film, but one that encapsulates a perfectly sly Mamet con.
Wednesday March 21
In Character: ???
Letting this one be a surprise, but rest assured, this actor (or actress) is a serious Mamet regular.

Thursday March 22
My Favorite Scene: Redbelt
A quick, ferocious scene that continually rocks me to the core.
Friday March 23
The Mamet Awards
Colin and I nominate and pick the winners of a variety of Mamet-related awards. Some categories will seem familiar; some are humorously Mamet-specific. (Hint: we had a hell of a time narrowing down nominees for Best Use of Profanity in a Mamet Film.)

Sunday March 25 
Reader Idea Post
For this write-up, I ask my loyal readers to propose Mamet-related ideas to me. The one that I find most intriguing is what I'll write about and post this upcoming Sunday. The ideas can be anything: a review of a specific Mamet film, an In Character write-up of an actor from Mamet's troupe, a My Favorite Scene from one of his films, seriously, anything.  Leave ideas in any of the comment sections for any Mamet post throughout the week, or let me know on Twitter.

Check back tomorrow for my write-up and David Mamet’s entire career!


  1. Write about - in detail - your favorite Mamet film for Sunday's post.

    This should be great.

  2. @Sam Fragoso Christ, I guess I'd have to pick one first. And so it begins...

  3. Of all the work related to Mamet that I can immediately think of, I'm pretty sure the only film I've seen is GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS. I'm not really familiar with much of Mamet's work, but that was a great film. I look forward to tracking the progress of the week, and at some point in the future I may have to steal the idea for a weekly marathon of my own. ;)

  4. @Tyler GGR is one of my favorite films, a fucking masterpiece. I'm really looking forward to this marathon too, although I may be a little ahead of myself... It's nearly 10pm here and I have yet to write one single word concerning this marathon. Crunch time.

  5. Tylre, you need to sort yourself out with some Mamet, NOW.


    I'll take that as a yes.

  6. Only seen Glengarry Glen Ross, but I can tell that'll get a nod for Best Use of Profanity for the Mamet Awards.

  7. @MovieNut14 Ha, indeed it will. One of my favorite screenplays of all time.