Monday, February 13, 2012

New Domain and a Whole Lot of Thank Yous

When I started this blog, I never thought anyone would actually read it; it was just a way to preserve the reviews that, up until that point, I had written by hand. Since amassing followers and dedicated readers, I’ve grown to detest this blog’s clunky domain name.  So, finally, late last year I decided to take the plunge and rebrand the site.

To make a very long, very boring, and very disheartening story short, was taken, and the current owner of that site was unresponsive to several new-licensing requests. So, alas, we arrive at It’s not perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot better than it was.

(Quick sidenote: if you’re on Blogger, switching to a cleaner domain name is insanely easy. Go to your Settings, click Publishing, follow the three simple steps, fork out $10, and a new domain name is yours.)

In changing over, Blogger suspiciously removed a few aspects of the old site, namely my Blog Roll, so I spent the past weekend assembling a list of the blogs I follow, and I figured it’d be a good time to tell you why I read them, and why you might want to as well.

I drafted this list purely from memory, so if I’ve forgotten anyone, I am truly sorry, and I will definitely add you to my Blog Roll as soon as I’m aware of your exclusion.  Also, it must be said that while I’m about to make mention of several other film bloggers, I want to sincerely thank every person who spends part of their day or week or month reading this site. This includes my family, friends, people I’ve lost touch with, and people I’ve connected with on the great world of Twitter. Just last week, I received a very long e-mail from someone who found me on Twitter, telling me how much he appreciates my writing. Words like that fill my heart. They humble and inspire me. Words like that, in short, make it all worth it.

The Blogs I Read
Anomalous Material
Check out Max’s recent list of Not the 30 Best Films of the 2000’s. It is a remarkably enjoyable read. Enough said. 

A Swede Talks Movies
Many of my favorite films of all time were spawned from the wonders of Swedish cinema, and it’s great to get an authentic Swedish perspective on the world of movies.  Take, for instance, Emil’s excellent write-up on why David Fincher’s Swedish-set Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is “strange” to him

Andy Buckle’s Film Emporium
Did you see that movie Another Earth? The movie basically asserts that there is an identical Earth, and an identical person for every living being on this Earth. I mention this because, in terms of movie tastes, there’s no one I share more in common with than Andy Buckle. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve begun digging through his blog to find rare instances in which we disagree. Love this site.

Aziza’s Picks
Aside from being a genuinely nice, funny person, I always enjoy catching up on Diana’s thoughts on films. Also, similar to Emil’s Swedish take, it’s refreshing to read about British films from someone who’s “living the London life.” 

Big Thoughts from a Small Mind
No matter whose content you’re reading, both Courtney and Jenny (and their contributors) consistently dish out great stuff, like shedding light on an actress that only deserves more of it. 

Cinematic Corner
Not to play favorites, but what Sati does on Cinematic Corner is fucking incredible. The look and feel, the coding, the design – it’s all flawless and makes for very pleasant reading. I cannot speak highly enough of this blog.

Comeuppance Reviews
If you’re a fan of those really trashy, hyped-up action films from the ‘80s and ‘90s that come on late at night on TNT (and really, who isn’t from time to time?) then Comeuppance Reviews is for you. 

Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews
Dan’s simple, but no less arduous concept of reviewing one film a day, so often produces great, sprawling reviews. In a change of pace, he recently posted is Top 10 of 2011. Number nine ain’t half bad. 

Defiant Success
Anna’s blog is similar to Dan’s in that she watches and reviews a movie a day. Currently, she’s stuck in a John Cassavetes phase, which is a pretty damn fine place to be.

Duke and the Movies
One of my best bros out there in the digital world is Sam Fragoso, an immensely talented writer with an extremely sleek site. I particularly enjoy his Director Match-Ups and his on-going, interactive assembly of the best films by decade.

I Eat Films
The crew over at I Eat Films helps keep film fans up to speed via their reviews, awards chatter and various features. A great, recent find.

I Love That Film
There’s nothing I don’t enjoy about my buddy, Pete’s site, including his amusing essays on flicks he watches on planes, and how there is simply too much goddamn CGI in movies today.

Movies and Songs 365
Read Chris’s incredibly detailed review of American Psycho (in which he blends his thoughts with various snippets of trivia), and you may find yourself as hooked on his site as I am.

Movie Reviews by Tom Clift
I’m pretty sure Tom saw every single movie at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam. Check out his site if you think otherwise. 

Never Too Early Movie Predictions
I consider myself a rather skilled handicapper at predicating which films and performances are going to win awards. But Never Too Early Movie Predications puts me to shame, and then some. 

Pick ‘n’ Mix Flix
Thus far, I’ve mostly been linking to very recent articles on each of these sites, but I’d be remiss to not highlight Colin’s scathing review of The Iron Lady. It’s a doozy. 

Public Transportation Snob
It takes a lot of balls for us film freaks to openly admit what classics we haven’t yet seen. Dan does this, and he does it with pride. More power to him.  

The Smoking Pen
The Smoking Pen is your site for all things badass in film. It’s a recent, great find. As is its sister sight, the more review-focused, Feed Me a Stray Cat

Southern Vision
I love every single fucking thing about Tyler’s Southern Vision. There’s really nothing more to say. It is a fantastic movie blog.

Surrender to the Void
For expansive and wildly informative reviews of films both old and new, I often find myself turning to Surrender to the Void. Check out this recent review of the masterful Incendies to become a believer. 

Time for a Film
Alex’s Time for a Film is a site  I’ve taken a shine to rather quickly. Check out is recent A+ review of the gets-better-everytime-you-watch-it gem, Warrior

to the escape hatch
A great mix of film, TV and music, to escape the hatch is run by genuinely nice people who crank out genuinely great content. Here’s their tribute to the late, often great, Whitney Huston.  

Top 10 Films
Who doesn’t love Top 10 lists? There’s plenty here, along with a variety of other content, to feast on

U, Me and Films
Keeping up a blog while working a full time day job is tiresome enough, but doing it (and doing it well), while you’re earning your Master's Degree? Damn. 

Blogs I’ve Recently Discovered
A few blogs I just got into, and will surely be visiting regularly:

I'm gonna keep on rockin' and rollin', folks. And I certainly hope you do the same.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, glad you enjoyed my review of American Psycho, its a film/book I wanted to understand better by researching it.

    Going to have to visit some of these sites you link to here!

    I just gave you the Liebster blog award, hurry on over to find out what I said..only good, promise ( :

  2. Hooray for the new domain! Feels good, doesn't it? Looking forward to more great posts from you. :)

    Also: Thank you for the kind words.

  3. D'aww, thanks. Looks like I should get into phases with directors more often but for now, the assorted mix of titles old and new.

  4. @Chris Dude I'm obsessed with Bret Easton Ellis, he's the only author who I've gone back and reread. I first read American Psycho to help make better sense of the film. It didn't, but I still love it.

    Also, thanks so much for the award! I need to start paying these forward!

  5. @Emil Ah it feels great to have a new domain. I love your site, keep rockin' and rollin'!

  6. @MovieNut14 I love going on director binges. I'm stuck in Spike Lee land right now. Already seen all his films, but I can't help myself.

  7. Huge thanks for the mention Alex, and the very kind words about my site. It is true, our taste in movies is incredibly close (well, except for Casino haha) and I look forward to working through 2012 and beyond with you - and comparing our opinions.

    Congrats on the new domain name. I dig it, and it is something I hope to take care of very soon too.

  8. Glad you finally made the change Alex and I appreciate the kind words.

  9. @Andy Buckle My pleasure buddy, really excited to see what you churn out in '12. Ah I feel really great with the new domain. Good luck on making the jump!

  10. Thanks for the kind words, compadre! Hope we're reading each other's work for years to come.

    Oh and I'm definitely thinking about getting a custom domain now...

  11. Thanks for the shout out Alex. And believe me, it is lot easier than you might think. Keep rocking and rolling as you would say. :)

  12. Alex, I really appreciate the kind words. Who knew I was so gutsy? You have a great blog; congrats on the new domain name!

  13. Cheers! I've been following you on Twitter (saying that still sounds creepy) for ages and assumed until recently that I was following your blog as well. Turns out I wasn't, and only found that out last week or something! Definitely considering getting my own domain name as well!

  14. @Robert It's so simple, I can't believe it took me so long to make the switch. I too hope we are reading each other's stuff for years on end!

  15. @SDG Well, you've definitely got a good work ethic about you, that's for sure.

  16. @Dan Heaton Thanks buddy! And gutsy are you ever haha

  17. @Ruth That's so funny, because that's EXACTLY what I thought too. I've loved chatting with you on Twitter - even if you are kind of a creep ;)

    So happy to have found your blog!

  18. Thank you so much Alex for your kind mention. Congrats on the achievement! I myself just hit my blog's one year birthday, so the achievements just keep on coming. Well done, man.

  19. Thank you so much for your kind words! Reading that post made my day :)

  20. @Tyler Southern Vision is remarkable. One of my favorite sites (of any kind) to visit.

  21. @Sati. Thank you so much for making your blog so damn cool!

  22. Congrats on the new domain. I like it.

    Lots of great blogs here too, there's a couple I wasn't aware of, so thanks for posting them.

    Keep up the good work.

  23. @Bonjour Tristesse Thanks! I've been scoping out your blog for a past half hour, really digging it!

  24. Wow, thanks for the shoutout! Glad to know someone's reading my blog! :)